Oh, hey, here are some books I like!

I was thinking about how last year in January I felt like I would never read again. Part of this was my pregnancy, part of this was feeling dispirited, and part of this was just normal reading slump stuff.

How things have changed since then! I feel like I’m on a real reading streak lately and I’ve already finished my first book of 2018!

[Side note: My friend Whitney tweeted something to the effect of, “When did reading become a contest?” the other day and, unbeknownst to her, it really owned me. I make reading such a contest–with myself–sometimes. I should stop that and just enjoy it.]

Ok, so here are some books I’ve enjoyed lately. If romance makes you feel dirty or something, I’m so sorry–most of these are romance titles! I know there’s a lot of stigma around the romance genre, but I love romance novels. They’re hopeful, happy, and very fun. They’re also written WITH WOMEN IN MIND! What’s not to like? (Note: the romance novels I write about are NSFW and have what we’ll call “adult scenes” for the purposes of this blog and my audience.) Anywho, here are two good ones (with one mystery thrown in):


  • Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren is a new-to-me author, but she’s huge in the romance community. I should say they, really, since “Christina Lauren” is a pen name for two writers. DY/HY is a lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers story. The main characters meet, fall in like with each other, and then realize they’re going to be put up for the same job. Lots of conflicting feelings of hatred and desire ensue. I really loved the characters in this one and the writing is great!

  • Roomies by Christina Lauren

After reading Dating You/Hating You, I had to get my hands on the one of the newest titles by this pair. Roomies is ADORABLE. I seriously fell in love with the male lead in this one (my husband is totally ok with me falling in love with book characters as long as I let him continue to go on fictional quests in video games). Our female lead is in an aimless stage of life. She wants to be a writer, but is suffering from major writer’s block. She works for one of her uncles at his hit Broadway musical and even lives in an apartment where he pays her rent. Her only real passion is listening to this guy play music in the subway. Through a series of crazy events, the two are thrown together (I won’t spoil anything) and they have to decide whether they’re pretending to like each other or whether they really do. I loved this one!

  • A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas

This is the first book in the Lady Sherlock Series. I was skeptical about this one because I’m kind of tired of Sherlock Holmes adaptations. However, it blew me away! Charlotte Holmes is trying to get away from her parents and their expectations. She doesn’t want to marry, but instead wants to get training to be the superintendent of a girls’ school. Her father promises her that if she doesn’t get married by a certain age, he will fund her studies. When he breaks this promise, Charlotte takes desperate measures that get her exiled from London society. This, in turn, gives her the freedom to use her talent for deduction and begin a detective agency under the name “Sherlock” Holmes. You guys, I loved this book! The mystery is based on A Study in Scarlet, but has different twists. The character development was awesome, and I absolutely love the unrequited/requited romance here. I highly recommend it and plan to dig into the next installment (A Conspiracy in Belgravia) asap!


Have you read any of these? Do you like romance and suspense? Any suggestions for me? Comment below!


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