The Glass Menagerie’s Amanda was the First MLM Saleswoman


Amanda in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams (selling magazines): 

“Ida Scott? This is Amanda Wingfield! We missed you at the D.A.R. last Monday! I said to myself: She’s probably suffering with that sinus condition! How is that sinus condition? Horrors! Heaven have mercy!- You’re a Christian martyr, yes, that’s what you are, a Christian martyr! Well, I just have happened to notice that your subscription to the Companion’s about to expire!”


2018 Amanda (your friend from high school, on Facebook)

“Hi Ida! Long time no see! Your kids are beautiful and your trip to Hawaii looked so fun! I saw your daughter was sick last week. Boo! Anyway, are you happy with your skincare routine? Because The Magical Skincare Company has empowered me to be financially independent and go out of the house without makeup!”


Note: I really respect women who sell things to people. It takes such guts! This is just in fun, I promise!


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