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Hi everyone (Mom, Dad, Husband, other family members, loyal friends, internet trolls, accidental link-clickers)!

Thanks for clicking here. As many of you know, last year I started a blog about books. I called it Bumblereader (and you can still see it here for another month or so). The concept behind that blog was that I would read one  book a week and write about it. Last year was a weird time of grief and happiness and firsts and goodbyes. I felt I needed something to anchor me, a THING to do that would help me avoid hard questions. When someone asked how I was feeling or what I was up to, I could just say, “oh, I’m reading a book a week” instead of the realest truth, which was that I was grieving over the death of my young sister, learning how to be a married lady, and all-around screwing up at being a normal, adjusted person.

I made it through 35 weeks of reading a book a week–I’m proud of that fete. And though I stopped blogging after week 35, I’m happy to say that I will end this year having read, on average, more than one book a week.

I’m very humble and quiet about accomplishments (nope).

I had the best summer just reading, going on long walks, listening to new podcasts, seeing the beautiful new babies my friends have had, and hanging out with family. I read more than I thought I would, considering I didn’t have a weekly deadline anymore, and this helped me realize that what I loved about my 35 weeks of blogging was talking about books. What I hated about it was keeping to a super-strict schedule. Reading one book a week made me a bad reader: I avoided libraries (because they sometimes didn’t transfer the books I wanted on time), read really crappy stuff because I didn’t want to put books aside and have wasted time, and spent more money on books than I should have. So this blog is going to be a bit different. I won’t keep to a strict reading schedule, though I do want to post at least once a week. Some of my posts will be about books I’ve read, others will be about bookish stuff, and some will be about my TBR (to be read) pile or books I’m looking forward to reading. I’m mostly reading around a book a week anyway (just not by a certain day anymore), so I’ll have plenty of new stuff to post.

The major thing that has made me want to blog about books again is the reaction I got from people who read my last blog. Several people messaged or stopped me to say they’d read a book because I recommended it. That kind of stuff warms my heart and I want to keep sharing what I read (even if my readership dwindles down to just family and close friends).

My first post will be about the books I read this summer, so it’ll be a long post. I can’t wait to talk about some of the great stuff I got to read!

Cheers, Lacey